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A Nostra storia

The island of Corsica is a mountain in the sea full of water and sun, a veritable Eden for fruits and plants of all kinds. Paradoxically in the 1970s, Corsican agriculture is completely abandoned: the fruits are sold off in an insignificant local market without any valuation given to this magnificent nature. Driven by a wave of reconquest waving the island at this period, “The Riacquistu”, Jean Claude Venturini decided to transform these wonderful fruits into eaux de vie and liqueurs of exception. It is at the end of the 20th century that the MAVELA distillery is located in the heart of the eastern plain to enhance Corsican fruit and especially plums that in the late 1980s replaced a large part of the island vineyard hit by overproduction. of wine. At the dawn of the 2000s, plum brandy and grape brandy from Domaine Mavela then won national recognition at the Paris Agricultural Show, each rewarded by their first gold medals. These seals will form the base on which Jean Claude Venturini and his sons will develop the distillery to turn the main fruits of the Island of Beauty into brandy and liqueur: the myrtle, the citron and the chestnut, quickly completed by the traditional eaux de life of pear and raspberry.

Today, his eldest son Stefanu directs and distills brilliantly; Mavela is rewarded for each of her presentations at national and international competitions. This is how our ancestral knowledge is not only preserved, but also perpetually enriched by new creations.


Un locu naturale

Our distillery is located in the heart of the eastern plain, in the town of Aleria, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. It is bordered on the sea and mountain side by the Casabianda area, a real lung of 600 ha classified as an agricultural zone and protected from any industrial activity. It is from the fruits of the estate and fruits brought by the local arboriculturists that we elaborate all our spirits. The picking of the wild berries of the maquis as well as the harvest of the fruits is done by hand like all the steps preceding the distillation: peeling, maceration and filtering. The distillation period is spread over the whole year and is carried out according to the seasons: from May to June for raspberries, from July to August for pears and grapes, in September for plums, October for chestnuts November for citron and December for myrtle.

“The MAVELA brand guarantees spirits made exclusively from fresh fruit, with no added colorings or flavors, and this in the greatest respect for the environment”


It is the common love of this cereal beverage and the complementarity of their production tools that led in 1999, Jean-Claude Venturini and Dominique Sialelli of the brewery Pietra to combine their skills and their know-how to make the first Corsican whiskey. . The approach has not been to reproduce the standards in force in Scotland, Ireland or the United States, but to focus on the creation of a new style of whiskey, a whiskey that will take advantage of all the aromatic essences of the island. Only bicentennial oak barrels containing the greatest Corsican wines are selected for maturation. After aging the whiskeys are exclusively assembled with the water of Col Saint Georges, which takes its source to more than 1000 meters of altitude on the heights of Corsica. After conquering the island market at its launch, P & M Whiskey has acquired over the years a national and international recognition among professionals and spirits. Limited edition products the different P & M vintages are the victims of their success, this year the P & M Single Malt whiskeys are sold in just 15 days on the professional circuit, however a quantity is blocked for the distillery shop in order to serve fans having made the trip. Although production is insufficient to meet the demand, the field refuses to increase production at the expense of quality.

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“It’s rare to find a malt with this level of complexity and charm. Exquisite: an absolute success close to a joy without fault that can provide a malt. “

Jim Murray

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Domaine Mavela

U Licettu • 20270 Aléria Distillerie : 04 95 56 60 30 Fax : 04 95 56 60 51 Shop : 04 95 56 63 15

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P&M Single Malt
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